A day may come

One day, the crow, who is obsessed
with it, has decided to leave everything behind and run away from his house. He went a long way and
finally came to a farm. While he was looking at the farm with curiosity, he saw the peacocks. Unlike
him, their feathers were colorful. The crow liked them so much that he could not bear to look at
them from afar and went to them. He asked them who they were and one of them replied that we
are peacocks ugly and they walked away laughing among themselves. But for now, he had no choice
but to go home because he was hungry. As time passed, the crow became obsessed with this subject
and began to secretly watch the peacocks. When he saw the feathers of the peacocks, he was blown
away with happiness because now he would stick those feathers to his tail and be like them.
Everyone should see this, the crow thought, smugly flying over to the other crows. He said to them,
“Look, black ugly crows, my feathers are prettier than all of you, I detest all of you.” Other crows
began to laugh, “cack cackling.” Then the crow said, “What a funny flock of idiots.” Other crows said,
“Even if they hit a golden saddle on a donkey, a donkey is still a donkey.” Then the angry crow said, “I
will not deal with you anymore.” and left from there. The crow thought he should hang out with
them if he was going to be like a peacock. He found a way to get among the peacocks. No peacocks
noticed him at first.Crow was trying to adjust to his new life. He walked like them and acted like
them. The crow was trying to go a little further and sound like them. But it would be an old habit of
“gak! cack!” she cried. Thereupon, the peacocks, who were not already warmed to the new member
of the group, gathered around the crow.The peacocks, who had the opportunity to take a closer look
at the crow, realized that they had been deceived, and took their feathers back one by one and drove
the crow away. The crow, who was left alone, thought, “What should I do, so that I can go home too,
and went home. When the other crows saw that the cursing crow was coming back, they did not take
it between them. The crow, crying, ran away into the forest and died of sadness.

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