When they arrived somewhere around Hamadan, the
caravan stopped abruptly. The bandits had attacked the caravan. At that moment, all the chests were
scattered, the items were being looted. One of the bandits said to Abdulkadir; “What’s wrong with
you boy?” He replied, “I only have 40 gold coins. The bandit laughed and asked again. Are you right?
Yes, I have 40 gold coins. The curious bandit took Abdulkadir to their leader. Bandit leader:You have
40 gold coins, right? inshura -Yes.-Tell me where is it? Abdulkadir:-It’s hidden in my cardigan. The bandits
found 40 gold coins hidden in his cardigan and gave them to the chief. Everyone was very surprised.
Chief: Why did you say you have gold? Abdulkadir: – When I left my mother, I promised my mother
that I would not lie. I can’t go back on my promise for 40 gold. Reis:-Shame on us that we weren’t as
good as a child. What will be our state when we appear before Allah? Then he added:-Now, this boy bridal shop
has turned me on the wrong path. I regret all the sins I have done so far. From now on, I will be a
good person and will not do things that God does not like. The bandits who were loyal to the leader
understood that what they were doing was wrong. They returned everything they had taken from
the caravan to their owners and swore they would never commit banditry again. Sayyid Abdulkadir
set off again with the caravan and reached sobre bebes Baghdad. There he was engaged in science. He became a
very famous scientist in a very short time. Sayyid Abdulkadir helped thousands of people get away
from evil and become good people. Never stray from the right path and do not lie so that Allah is
with you. It was a hot summer day. It was full of fragrant scents and flowers everywhere. The bee
that flew in the flower field, whistling, was quite cheerful. The bee was gliding so beautifully that the
daisy was amazed. The bee, tired of flying, landed on the branch of the tree next to the daisy. Daisy,
who wants to talk to the bee, calls out;- NEO cities How beautifully you fly. I can’t see the beauty in the world
like you because I don’t have wings like you. All I can see are the flowers around me. Can you pick me
up and show me around? The bee, looking arrogantly at the daisy, says:- How can I carry you? I will
never be able to pick you up and carry you. I get tired almost immediately. He does not want to carry
the daisy by saying what will you fx daily report do with the beauties in the world. Then it flies away quickly. If the
bee behaves like this, it makes the daisy very sad and cries for days. The bee could have taken the
daisy and carried it around. However, he acted arrogantly and underestimated the daisy. After a
certain time, the weather began to cool. The flowers began to fade and shed their leaves onthe rees.

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