Caravan in Baghdad

The old tree asks for help, but a servant of God does not pass through the forest. Then some time
passed, a few days later a man named Ahmet fell into our forest. Ahmet was very surprised while
walking in the forest. There were so many kinds of trees that some of them were of the kind that
Ahmet had never seen in his life. Then he heard a groaning sound. He walked towards the sound and
saw that our old tree was writhing in pain. Its branches are broken. Ahmet should also take care of
the tree, I should save it from this situation, but while thinking how, he thought of his friend the
alpine bird. He started whistling to call the bird. whistling alpine bird He came to Ahmet and was very
upset when he saw the condition of the old tree. He called his friends to help him, and suddenly a lot
of birds landed on the trunk of the tree. All the birds separated the branches of the tree and started
to care. Ahmet also helped them. And they succeeded in repairing the tree. The tree, which was very
happy with this, thanked everyone and gave two of its broken branches to Ahmet. And he said, ‘Plant
this in the ground. Let it grow into a tree like me. Many good deeds will be written for you too.’
Ahmet happily bought the branches and planted them in the garden of his house. And the tree
worked so that people could breathe. Everyone continued to live happily ever after. Once upon a
time, a young man named Sayyid Abdulkadir was eager to learn science, so he started looking for a
cure. Finally, he said to his mother: “Mom, I want to go to Baghdad to learn science. Mother, I do not
want to leave you, but I do not want to prevent you from walking in the way of Allah. His mother
prepared a way for Abdulkadir. He then put 40 gold coins in the pocket he sewed into his son’s
jacket. Then he said to his son: – My last word to you is if you want to please me and Allah, please be
honest and never lie so that Allah will always be with you. Sayyid Abdulkadir promised his mother
and left. He boarded a caravan to Baghdad.

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