Judge’s decision

After the judge’s decision, the spokesperson of the wasps wanted to speak. He explained that when
they were promised, they were never taught to make honey and that’s why they took care of other
people’s honey. Saying that they regretted it now, he asked the honey bees to forgive them and
teach them how to make honey. The honey bees accepted this request and began to teach them how
to make honey by forgiving them. Over time, the wasps learned how to make honey and started to
live as friends in unity. There were all kinds of fruit trees in the garden of a businessman’s house.
There were only two lemon trees, and when the month of May came, a fresh breeze would be the
source of the garden, and the scent emanating from these trees would fill even people who are stuck
between the four walls of the surrounding apartments with the joy of life. However, one of these
trees had irregular branches like a bush, and weak branches like a cherry tree, as if he had given all
the strength in the soil to the other tree. The big tree despised the weak tree, when he got the
chance, he would show his thinness in the face and always brag about its regular shape and strong
branches. Only the big tree was despised. The gardener in the garden had almost given up hope of
him, too, and often spoke to the owner of the uselessness of this tree. For this reason, most of the
water always went to the big tree, and most of the time, he didn’t even bother to water the small
tree. A strong breeze brought a new liveliness in the garden. The flower seeds carried by the north
wind from the mountains were scattered in the garden. Since the garden was full of vegetables,
flowers and trees, the seeds of mountain flowers, which were trying to find a place for themselves,
found the solution by asking permission from the empty bottom lemon trees. The big tree did not
want to lose its place in the garden. To flower seeds; “You guys want a lot of water. You will also
absorb the water given for me and leave me without water, causing me to dry out.” He knew that he
would not be left without water even though he said that, he was ashamed to express his real fear.

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