Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a great man. Every prayer of this saint would be accepted. Whatever
he wanted, he would come. Whatever he goes through will be accepted. This man was a man loved
and trusted by all. Moreover, the animals listened to this man’s every word. People from all over
come to see this guardian man. But this kind-hearted man also had a wife. The man’s wife was
nothing like a man. His wife, who was a luxury lover, wanted the most luxurious of everything. This
woman, who was constantly nagged, was trying to make her husband do whatever she wanted. One
day, his wife told her husband that their house should be changed, that this is a parent’s house and it
should be at a level that suits the parents’ house. He wanted their house to be covered with bird
feathers. He thought it should attract attention when viewed from the outside. But the guardian man
did not take kindly to his wife’s idea. He told his wife that he was an ordinary person and that he
didn’t need to have a different home just because his prayers were answered. But his wife always
insisted. It’s like he’s eating the meat of your brain on this subject. The man succumbed to his wife’s
insistence and accepted. The guardian’s prayer was accepted and the birds came to the guardian’s
house. Various birds gathered in front of the guardian’s house. Veli had the feathers of the birds
plucked. He decorated the roofs of his houses with them. Among all the birds, only one falcon
refused to come to that house. Veli sent word to his falcon. But the falcon did not come. Veli once
again sent word, but the bird did not come again. When the parent sent word for the third time, the
bird that was born had to go to the guardian’s house. Veli was angry with his falcon bird. He asked
the falcon why he did not come. The falcon bird began to explain to the parents why he did not
come. Since the foundation of the world, the falcon is a bird responsible for counting the people who
were born and the people who migrated from the world. While he was counting these, he sometimes
subtracted the number of those who migrated from the world more than the number of those who

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