The spring comes

The spring that came after the winter season brought with it colorful flowers. The blooming of the
flowers made the honey bees happy the most. Without wasting any time, they began to collect
nectar for the honey they would make by putting them from flower to flower. They placed the
honey, which they made from the essences they collected, in the beehives by giving them various
shapes. While everything was going well, wasps suddenly appeared. These bees claimed that the
honey made by the bees belonged to them. Thereupon, a fight started between the bees. The claims
of wild bees angered the honeybees and they realized that they could not reach a solution by
fighting. Thereupon, they applied to the court to find out who the owner of the honey was. They
complained about wasps claiming their honey. The judge of the court was the experienced hornet.
The hornet decided to listen to other animals in the vicinity as witnesses in order to understand who
the owner of the honey was. The grasshopper spoke as the first witness. Thereupon, the hornet
thought that both bee species were suitable for the description, and decided to listen to other
witnesses. Thus, the other animals began to rest, but as the days passed, no results could be
obtained. The wisest of the honey bees, who lost their honey due to the passing of the days, went
before the judge and demanded the right to speak. When he was given the right, he explained that
the bears ate the honey and that the products they had worked on for days were ruined. Then he
said that he had an idea to find out who the owner of the honey was. When the judge agreed to
listen to his opinion, he suggested that both types of bees make honey in front of the judge. The
judge liked the idea of ​​the smart bee and asked both bee species to make honey in front of him. The
wasps objected to this decision, but they had nothing to do. Thereupon, both the honey bees and the
wasps started to make honey in front of the judge. Since the honey bees are used to making honey,
they quickly prepared the honey, but no matter how hard the wasps tried, they were not able to
make honey. At the end of the day, all the bees went before the judge. The judge, who examined the
honey produced, made his decision by saying that the honey made belongs to the honey bees and
that the wasps cannot make honey. This decision was to deliver the honey to its original owners.

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